Should you be concerned about lead paint in a home you are thinking about purchasing? Absolutely. Many homes that were built before 1978 were once painted with coats of lead-based paint, which we now know to be dangerous. Any exposed lead paint, paint chips, or even lead-tainted dust can wreak havoc on you and your family. Pregnant women, infants, and children are particularly at risk.

At Right Choice Home Inspections, we are prepared to take a closer look at the home, the paint used, and what has been done to eliminate lead-based paint from the property in the past. If the home is older, it may be more dangerous than you think. Our professionals will test the paint chips to see if there is any lead. If so, you will be armed with this knowledge when you negotiate the seller’s repairs or choose to look for a different house.

If you choose to put an offer on a different property altogether because of our findings, we would be happy to provide the same inspection services on this second property at a reduced rate. This is because we believe in keeping you and your family safe. Set yourself up for the best possible start in your new home by knowing it’s in the best possible condition. Get in touch with the team at Right Choice Home Inspections today to get started.