At Right Choice Home Inspections, we understand the challenges and concerns that accompany buying a house. While you’re excited to begin your life in a new space, you need to be absolutely certain that your new structure is safe, secure, and healthy for you and your family. Our loyalty is to our customers, allowing you to receive thorough and accurate results on your home inspection.

Whether you are hoping to buy a home or you’re ready to sell your current one, an inspection is crucial. The buyer will need to know what sort of repair work needs to be done in order to negotiate a fair price. The seller may find it meaningful to show exactly how great the current condition of the property is. Regardless, a thorough inspection is the best way to make sure that negotiations happen smoothly and fairly if they should be happening at all.

Get in touch with our team today to schedule your home inspection or to ask us any questions you may have about our process. With more than three decades in the construction industry and complete licensing for home inspections, we understand exactly what a home needs to be a sound, safe, and healthy structure. We look forward to helping you move forward with confidence.


  1.  High Tech Tools Infrared Thermography Imaging
  2.  Free Mold Test / Air samples
  3.  Schedule Evenings & Weekends
  4.  If Your Purchase Doesn’t Close For Any Reason We Will Do Your Next Inspection For a Flat Fee Of 175.00
  5. We Do All Follow Up Inspections For Free, We never ask for additional money.

Right Choice Home Inspection With Infrared Thermography – $379.00

Multi-Family Dwelling $75.00
Radon $145.00
Mold $145.00
Septic $145.00
Condo $249.00